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December 5, 2012 / W3i

W3i – connecting people to your apps and turning your users into revenue streams

Connections = Revenue; the simplicity of W3i math

The technological market across the globe has produced a great many new buzzwords. Monetization, Freemium and apps are all spanking new-fangled words, probably already on their way to the dictionary. Even existing words like cannibalize and collaboration take on a completely new meaning where digital pioneering is concerned. Futuristic concerns like W3i make it their business to keep up with the latest online marketing trends and are thus able to offer their clients state of the art technological products geared to increase revenue streams.

Where it all started

W3i was founded in the year 2000 by three brothers; Robert, Aaron and Ryan Weber. Robert served as the initial Chief Executive Officer and stepped down in 2007 to make way for the former President of CMS Direct, Andy Johnson. Over the past five years Andy has been instrumental in the transition of W3i into a leading company in the field and continues his valuable contributions to the company in his capacity as CEO. Since moving away from the position, Robert Weber is placing his concentration on developing the mobile side of the business as Senior Vice President of Business Development. Robert’s studies encompassed a degree course in Entrepreneurship; very appropriate to his current position. Ryan Weber holds the position of Senior Vice President of Product Management and maintains responsibility for the monetization and distribution of mobile applications for the company. He has a degree in Computer Science and was heavily involved with online marketing prior to starting W3i with his brothers.

Gains through an affiliation with W3i and its staff

The gains with W3i are three-fold. Consumers, application developers and also application advertisers all benefit from the W3i system. Consumers get to enjoy choice applications free of charge, developers attain a source of revenue and advertisers achieve the desired exposure through low-friction advertising. Services from W3i include both, Mobile and Web services with minimal platform limitations. With a force of 160 employees all over the world, W3i has built an undeniably rock-solid network of seasoned professionals focused on collaboration towards a single goal. The common objective is to attain maximum monetization for developers while providing a positive consumer experience and solid ROI for advertisers.

Sophisticated reporting

With W3i reporting, clients are provided with an end-to-end analysis of the business to first ascertain and then assist them to attain objectives. The Product Reports contain a plethora of metrics to make profitable business decisions.  This concentrated and clear body of data can be put to work immediately to intensify the campaign and ultimately lead to increased profitability.